We like to think that we are a technologically advanced mechanical engineering company with an artisanal attitude, typical of excellent products Made in Turkey.

What we do

Our Company, SAYKAR was established in 2003 by Senior Material and Metallurgical Engineer Ufuk Ali Saylan and Alptuğ Karcı. We have been specialized at producing sandblasting machines, equipments and establishing sandblasting facilities by 16 years of experience.

Precision work based on well-developed listening skills

Saykar has been cooperated with almost 2200 companies, produced over 600 sandblasting machines and established 20 sandblasting facilities from past to present. You may see at the references page some of the companies which our cabinets, machines are working at. We have improved especially our technological infrastructure with R&D and present our products according to sandblasting market needs at very proper prices…